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Showing up at your best friends house uninvited.
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Vahram Muradyan & Marcel Duchamp
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WWII Bomber found in the jungle. .
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The name is Paige Griffin. I am currently residing in San Francisco, California.
One of my favorite past times is traveling, as well as photography. I do my best to document what I see around me with any/all cameras. Whichever I can get my hands on the easiest and quickest; iphone, Canon digital and film, and even disposable cameras. Currently I’m using a Panasonic Lumix G.
Instagram: @paigealex
Twitter: @paginagriffin
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by chema mansillaQuantumscapes
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Born on this day, Henry James
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This is my response to Illustration Friday's topic for last week which was 'Voice'. There's a new illustration in the pipeline for this week's topic but I thought this would still be worth sharing!